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The release of this new work by Andy Weir was a welcome surprise. I am already a huge fan of Weir's work through The Martian. The way the science and research is used and explained in the books is great.

The fact that sci-fi is so great is because of the way Weir writes his books. I'm not sure if this book was written in the same way as "The Martian" but with his first book he published parts of it on his blog so that interested people could give him feedback. I think that saved many of the scientific aspects. The terrific detailed explanations are there again this time and give an exciting insight into what could be.

This time no one has to be rescued from Mars, on the contrary the protagonist is stuck on a spaceship and has lost his memory. The task is to find out why he is there and how he can save the Earth.

For any science fiction fan, this book will be a treat for the eyes or ears. Andy Weir tells a story with many twists and turns and paints a picture of Earth pulling together for once to avert an extinction event.

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