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Aloha stranger

I'm Philipp Ludewig. I am a software developer and consultant from Germany, living in Hamburg and working at Thoughtworks. What keeps me busy now you can read about here.

Who are you?

I got my first computer at the age of five, from then on I spent most of my free time playing video games, exploring the possibilities of technology and writing code. These days In light of my day to day job, I try not to spend too much of my free time in front of a monitor and sought out other hobbies.

I enjoy:

  • from time to time reworking this blog completely till I am happy with it
  • painting tabletop figures for Zombicide Black Plague
  • playing videogames on PC and on my steamdeck, rarely I stream here: Twitch DevAlaska
  • reading a lot of books which I add here: Reading List (some have a personal review)
  • writing my own Pen&Paper adventures and try to find time to play with friends
  • dancing with my significant other
  • playing boardgames with friends and collecting new games
  • creating and moderating Pub Quiz

What do you write about?

I started this blog with this sentence in mind: “Those who write, stay.”. I was and still am super forgetful, which is why wanted to write about the stuff I don't want to forget. I am writing post occasionally when I got some time at hands. You can expect to find post of things I learned or build and stories from my journeys. I created this blog to be my little corner on the internet and whoever reads my posts I would like to say: “you're welcome”. If I was able to teach you something, then I am already happy.

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All about work

My start in the professional world opened my eyes to SAP implementation projects and helped me get a job as an administrator/developer at an offshore wind power company Adwen/Gamesa. After graduating, I joined ThoughtWorks and was able to turn my hobby of software development into my profession. In the teams I work in, I try to foster an environment in which developers can ask questions, experiment, learn, deliver software with confidence and most importantly have fun. If we work together, you'll hear me talk about Continuous Delivery, Pair Programming, fast feedback, QA and software architecture a lot. I am a strong advocate for Test-Driven Development and I will use it whenever I can, and I try to convince whoever I can of it.

What I love about being a developer is that I can create software that helps people and breath life into innate machines. Beyond writing software, I aspire to take up the role of a technical lead at some point in my career.

I'm not the world's greatest programmer. I'm a generalist with some areas of deep expertise. I consider myself a well-rounded software developer, mentor and reasonably funny guy. ​ At the moment, I am a senior consultant at Thoughtworks, where I helped teams adopt Continuous Delivery and Extreme Programming practices and modernize their software engineering approach.

Reach out

If you want to say "hi", leave a comment, ask a question, or start a conversation, feel free to drop me a line via

I reply to everything that hits my inbox as long as it's genuine conversation and you're not trying to sell me shady stuff. Don't be shy!