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The first book I read about the men from Krieg was "Dead Men Walking". I remember laying in the hospital bed with a terrible Pneumonia while I read this book to let my mind wander from the occurring experience. The story of the unlikely love triangle between a noble woman, a miner and an aristocrat within an extinction event through the Necron captivated me. The storyline of the Death Korp felt to me like a little side story compared to the struggles of the main characters to survive.

On the other hand, the books "Dead Men Walking" and Krieg succeed to paint a pretty grim dark picture of Krieg's soldiers and their motivation. In the latest addition to the franchise, the history of the planet "Krieg" and colonel "Jurten" is properly described. This although is one of two storylines in the book. In the other, a regiment of Cadia's finest are fighting alongside with the Death Korps to purge a world of recently arrived Orcs. I understood only at the end of the book why this storyline had been added to the book. It shows the contrast between the philosophies of the two regiments. In the Cadia's regiment every soldier is precious and shouldn't be wasted as for the Death Korps the soldiers happily throw themselves against the enemy to die only to delay them for some seconds. "In live shame, in death atonement" is a philosophy that only the men of Krieg can follow, as all of them are clones.

I like this book as it gives a detailed look at the history, philosophy and culture of the Death Korps. It could have been smaller if it would be only about the "Jurten" plot line.

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