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- Philipp Ludewig

The comment section has arrived!

Aloha everyone,

this week i was reading the news at news.ycombinator.com again and came across a simple to use service for bloggers like me to add a comment section to my blog. The service allows me to add a comment section to the pages i want to have a comment sections. I also wanted to have something easy to use but also mangable. The options presented to me by the official plugins page are complicated to add to this blog. Therefore i was relieved that someone created commento. The only thing i had to do was to create an account, give the creator some money and try it out. The bloke can now buy a coffee :D

The integration into the page was super easy and it works like a charm. I have the power to add moderators and also statistics to review. Everything for just a coffee per month. The next pages will have a comment section thanks to commento. It is also possible to host the backend for commento yourself. I will try this also out but for now....

behold commento.io