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The end of a very long journey looms with this omnibus. Those who don't know Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jäger can catch up with the omnibus series. These disparate companions roam the ancient world of Warhammer Fantasy and thus offer all kinds of material for exciting hours.

The dwarf Gotrek Gurnisson is in search of a dignified death to make amends for his crime. He is assisted by a philosopher who is to write down his saga. In the fifth and final omnibus, the stories continue towards the End Times. This was an event in which Games Workshop said goodbye to Warhammer Fantasy and made room for Age of Sigmar.

For me, each part of the Omnibus Collection is a chance to find stories I couldn't discover in my youth. This time, too, the adventures remain exciting and there is a certain melancholy when I open the last page. If I could relive the series, I would do it in a heartbeat.

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