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I'm not really a fan of Gamesworkshops "Age of Sigmar" and probably won't be. The fact that a tabletop board game a la "Zombicide" was published under the name "Cursed City" gave me an excuse to take a closer look.

When I started the audiobook for this book, the immersive voice of the reader swept me away. The story around Ulfenkarn is negligible. The town is ruled by a vampire and his minions. The “good” is led by Emelda Braskov, an aristocrat, soldier, and last survivor of her regiment. She is followed by a necromancer, a ringleader from the slums and an absolutely ignorant vampire hunter. This motley group now stumbles and stombs through the city in search of a murderer who is terrorising the city. He is supposed to help stir up the townspeople. Unfortunately, the group too often overlooks things they should know because of their character and therefore resemble a LARP group instead of competent heroes.

The book aims to be an introduction to the board game and therefore leaves the listener with an open ending. The mystery surrounding the wanted murderer and the dynamics between the vampire regime and the absolutely inferior heroes remain exciting for a long time. However, after the mystery is solved, the air is completely out. I would have liked an epilogue instead of an introduction to the board game.

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