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The City of the Damned is the prologue to the final two books of the Gotrek & Felix saga and to the End of Times, and therefore not avoidable for my quest to read all Gotrek & Felix books. I didn't enjoy this book for the most part and was only intrigued by its introduction to Ostland and mystery by the big bad monster hunting for corpses. The book doesn't have some rememberable points in it so that the only plot points I can remember is about the monster and the city between time. Yes the book is about a city trapped in time which is repeating its own timeline over and over again.

Gotrek & Felix end up in the city and immediately get split up. All the books are written from the perspective of Felix, so the reader follows his path. He teams up with a bunch of mutants and fights the evil. I would not recommend this book as it doesn't add something to the storyline. Although, our unlikely heroes have to fight not only the Skaven, but demons and Bel'akor himself.

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